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The Knights Templar cricket team is a mixture of talented cricketers from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Trinidad who currently live in the DC metro area. Our team seeks to exhibit fun, yet professional, display of cricket to fuflill our personal love for this game and to win the DC Cricket League championship. We would like to invite and coach high school students to play cricket and make it one of the major sports in United States in near future.

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Knight Templar Cricket Club History

Knights Templar CC has players who learned to play cricket in different settings. From the Carribean nations of Guyana and Trinidad to the Island of Srilanka, and from the two bordering nations of India and Pakistan, cricketers who love to play cricket in their spare time decided to make a team and participate in the Washington Cricket League. While majority of the team will get its first taste of playing in the Washington Cricket League, the founders of this team have played in the league previously. Sher Afgan Tareen (captain) and Sarfaraz Zaidi (Vice captain) have both played for Himalayan CC in the past. Although the two leaders of this team learned a lot from playing under Himalayan CC, now was the time to take a new turn, make our own decisions, make our own team. We had been thinking about it for quite a while. Driving through highways to reach cricket grounds, Sarfaraz and Sher Afgan would always fantasize having their own team. That fantasy will soon become a reality. The Knights Templar CC is here and we are ready to win the division II title in our nascent season.

Although we are highly impressed by the depth of our roster before playing even a single game, we encourage everyone out there to join our cricket team. This plea goes out especially to high school students who love sports but would love to experience something other than baseball and basketball. If you feel you want to learn to play a new sport, if you want to make new friends and have a hell of a time during your summer break, think about becoming a Knight Templar.

Cricket in America is expressed by immigrants from Carribean and South Asia who miss this game in their new locality and find spare time to play cricket during weekends. However if Cricket is suppose to become a dominant sport in America, then cricket must expand and reach out to those who have never played this sport before. Immigrants have introduced this sport but for it to prosper, this sport must be embraced by others: white, African American and Latino America. Knight Templar CC is composed of immigrants but we will be more than proud if we could make some one who has never touched a bat before into a serious cricketer. In addition to having fun playing this sport that we truly love, it is our mission to spread the game of cricketer in every corner of America.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jawad Stats
Batting: Right hand Top order Batsman